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One local issue of particular concern this election cycle has been the ongoing struggle of the majority of the residents of Malibu to overcome the effects of Assembly Bill 988. This was a bill proposed in Sacramento in 2000 by Assemblyman Robert Hertzberg that mandated that the California Coastal Commission, not the local City Council of Malibu, would be charged with dictating a Local Coastal and Land Use Plan for the city.

Not surprisingly, the CCC's plan for Malibu was not reflective of what the citizens wanted or what the local City Council had in mind. Despite an overwhelming majority of residents and city officials who oppose this piece of legislation, a solution has not been found.

I have written a bill that will repeal AB 988 and pass control back to where it belongs, in the hands of the elected officials of the city of Malibu, not a group a state appointed bureaucrats. This will be the first bill that I propose in the legislature next year (January 2003) as your Assemblymember.

The reasons why this bill and this issue are so important strike at the very heart of why I am running to represent this area. I differ from those who seek elective office because they only want to promote their own agenda. I think the peoples' representative is elected to promote the peoples' agenda.

The citizens of Malibu, the local Malibu newspapers and just about everyone else paying attention is outraged by this piece of legislation. Not only because of the damaging effects it has on the city of Malibu, but also the terrible precedent it sets for the rest of our coastal cities. Yet, despite everyone's outrage, our group of elected representatives have claimed they can do nothing about it. Our State Senator in fact voted for the passage of AB 988 and I do not think it is unreasonable to suggest that had my opponent been in the Assembly at the time, she also would have voted in favor of taking away local control from the residents of Malibu. At the very least they have done nothing to fix what is very clearly of great concern to a majority of those they represent.

Let us retire those in office who do not listen to the voters who put them there in the first place. The residents of Malibu deserve better, the residents of Assembly District 41 deserve better, and the citizens of California deserve better.

You can reach Michael Wissot by contacting SymAction Communications