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Endorsement's from Michael's 2002 California State Assembly campaign (partial list)
John McCain - U.S. Senator, Arizona
Bill Jones - Secretary of State, California
Richard Mahoney - Former Secretary of State, Arizona
Richard Riordan - Former Mayor, Los Angeles

Bob Brooks -- Sheriff, Ventura County

Michael Bradbury -- District Attorney, Ventura County

Nao Takasugi -
Former California State Assemblyman

Elton Gallegly - U.S. Congressman, California

David Dreier - United States Congressman, California
Steve Horn - United States Congressman, California
Buck McKeon - United States Congressman, California
Jim Kolbe - United States Congressman, Arizona
Michael Deaver - Deputy Chief of Staff, President Ronald Reagan
Bill Simon - 2002 Republican Nominee For Governor, California
Tom McClintock -
California State Senator
Bruce McPherson - California State Senator
Dave Cox - California Assembly Republican Leader
Tony Strickland - California State Assemblyman
Keith Richman - California State Assemblyman
George Runner - California State Assemblyman
Abel Maldonado - California State Assemblyman
Phil Wyman - California State Assemblyman
Robert Pacheco - California State Assemblyman
Bill Leonard - California State Assemblyman
Ken Maddox - California State Assemblyman
John Campbell - California State Assemblyman
Lynn Daucher - California State Assemblywoman
Mark Wyland - California State Assemblyman
Paula Boland - Former California State Assemblywoman
Mike Antonovich - Los Angeles County Supervisor
Dennis Weber - Mayor, Agoura Hills
Carole Currey - Board of Trustees, Santa Monica Community College District
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
Awards Received by Wissot.com

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