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From Ventura County to Los Angeles County, Michael keeps a busy travel schedule. Here are a few stops along the way ...

Michael attended a Public Safety Appreciation Barbeque in Port Hueneme in honor of local police officers, firefighters, military officers, lifeguards, and others. Michael joined Mayor Tony Volante, Councilwoman Toni Young and Police Chief Fernando Estrella (shown in picture) to enjoy a beautiful afternoon at the beach with Port Hueneme residents.

Michael was featured as an honored guest at a pro-Israel rally at Woodley Park in Encino. Over 12,000 people attended this emotional event as Michael joined several U.S. congressional leaders and both gubernatorial candidates on stage to show his full support for the state of Israel in its fight against terrorism. The master of ceremonies was popular talk show host Larry Elder, who introduced Michael to the lively supporters from Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

Michael visited Roscomer Road Elementary School for Career Day, speaking with 1st, 3rd, & 4th graders about his eventual job duties as a State Assemblyman. These energetic kids were quick to participate in Michael's demonstration, which simulated a "legislative agenda" for voting to have their favorite soda installed in drinking fountains within every public school in California. Michael signed personal autographs for every student. He later said to a group of appreciative parents and teachers, "It's days like today that remind me of why I want to serve this community. Being a positive role model for kids is at the top of my priorities. There's nothing better than seeing an inspired child who is willing to reach for the stars."

Michael was invited by Former First Lady Nancy Reagan in honor of Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who was presented with the 2002 Ronald Reagan Freedom Award. Mayor Giuliani offered Michael some inspiring words of advice for the campaign trail.

United States Senator Bill Frist shared some health care policies and anti-bioterrorism initiatives with Michael in Simi Valley. Michael commended Senator Frist's heroic efforts during the Capitol Hill shootings in 1998. They were both inside the U.S. Capitol when shots were fired. Senator Frist, also a medical doctor, rushed to the aid of the fallen police officers.

Mike Deaver, former deputy chief of staff to President Ronald Reagan, was featured as the keynote speaker at a recent Wissot For Assembly event in the Conejo Valley. Deaver has been a longtime mentor and friend of Michael, both in public relations and politics. In front of a packed house of Wissot For Assembly supporters, Deaver shared some treasured moments working in the Reagan White House, as well as Reagan's terms as governor of California. He referred to Michael Wissot as "a young Reagan with a masterful ability to communicate." Deaver went on to say, "Michael, like Reagan, appeals to Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents alike because he has great confidence in himself and the strength of America."

You can reach Michael Wissot by contacting SymAction Communications